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Art by No.5 on tumblr

Art by No.5 on tumblr

I couldn't fit this big ass blinkie anywhere

About me!
HII!!! My name is 28, but you can also call me Ronnette or Macabre :)
I mainly go by He/him and they/themam a trans demiromantic hispanic 2d artist and writer >:)I love my friends and spending time with them!!!! veryy much :Dspeak english and spanish but not very fluent in both :P

Some things I like are sci-fi, horror, old internet stuff, cats, birds, liminal spaces, lost media, tactical stuff..
And some media I like are south park, ultrakill, touhou project, SCPF, FAITH:The unholy trinity, Portal, murder drones, gmod, roblox, vrchat, puppet combo, my bloody valentine, inanimate insanity and probably like a million other things..I also really like music. Rock, EDM, experimental, breakcore, spanish rock, screamo, techno, electronic and more!!!

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